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Meet Ron Alston Jr.

I am a proud father and an avid lover of life, who places extreme importance on overall health and fitness. But not in the way you may think. I firmly believe in being happy with what you are doing and pursuing. 

Fitness should not be miserable, but should bring a sense of positivity to all facets of your overall wellness. Fitness of the mind, fitness of the body, and fitness of the spirit. 

As a NASM Certified Personal trainer, youth sports coach and supervisor of athletics, I have spent much of my time around sports and fitness, directly or indirectly helping both youth and adults reach their goals. 

Fitness is much more than a number on a scale. Overall fitness is about feeling good physically AND mentally, while pushing your limits and striving towards longevity and a sustainable lifestyle.

YOu may recognize me from my viral video

The DFG Fitness Program

personalized plans

I will work with you directly and construct a personalized plan centered around your specific fitness goals, your schedule, your fitness level and your problem areas.

Nutrition Assistance

I will provide nutrition guidance, several food options for you to choose from, macronutrient breakdowns and detailed explanations on how to make it all make sense. Nutrition and fitness shouldn’t be miserable!

Detailed workouts

You will receive updated fitness plans each month that look to challenge your body and growth in different ways, all while still working towards your end goal. Each workout will have a video tutorial for you to reference

I’m in your corner 24/7 support

I am there for you throughout the entire process. I will help you with accountability, mindset coaching and other small tips and tricks to help you succeed. My coaching extends far beyond workouts and nutrition guides. 

I will help give you the roadmap to your body and goals. It is up to YOU to take the journey with me 

client Testimonials

Read reviews from the Destined For Greatness Movement

Huge shoutout to Ron and DFG fitness , ever since I started his nutrition & workout program, I haven’t felt this well in a long time, I’m only 1 month in and already see huge changes, not only physical but mentally as well.

Moment of vulnerability for you friends.... Anyone that knows me personally knows that it has always been tough for me to gain weight. Before I quit smoking 4 months ago...I was down to 90 pounds 😳 I walked into the gym for the first time (in my life) three months ago so unsure of what I was doing or if I belonged there. Ron Alston Jr. made the whole process SO easy by laying out the nutrition and workouts. He is a great trainer and friend ❤ Weighted myself for the last time tonight and your girl weighs 120 and feels like a baddie 🎉😍🦵💪🍑🥰🎉​

Ron is a truly positive inspiration in the online and local community! He gives good advice on anything from diet and exercise to parenting and education. He’s always learning new things and using his knowledge to assist and teach others. Keep it up! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏻👍🏻

Chelle J.

We did 10 sessions with Ron and my 7 year old absolutely enjoyed it. He learned many different basketball techniques and his skills improved tremendously. Highly recommend DFG movement. Great coach with a very positive attitude.

Monica J.

I highly recommend Ron and his nutrition and fitness program. I have lost 19 pounds, over 16 inches and feel stronger than ever. His program takes consistency and discipline but the results are realistic and long term!

Youth Basketball Skill Development & Training

Each session can be specialized to focus on an athlete or group’s preferred skill areas. All drills are kept fun, but also challenging and engaging to help the athlete grow and develop at their pace and in a progressive fashion. A typical training session will include:


A focus on developing proper footwork, staying balanced and squaring shoulder to the basket, & getting a perfect release, backspin, & follow through.


Using jab-steps, shot fakes, spin moves, hop-backs and other offensive moves to create openings to get a shot off.


Making quicker and stronger moves to create separation from defenders. Developing confidence in attacking the basket using the weak-hand dribble.


Plyometric exercises, drills to create a quick first step & improve lateral movement, and explosive vertical leap training.


Using the body to shield off defenders, absorb contact and still keep focus on the rim, using shot fakes to get defenders up in the air and out of position.  Many of these drills will include contact from a football blocking shield to emulate a live defender.


Other skills available at request: Post Moves, 1-on-1 Defense, Rebounding, 

 Sign up for multiple sessions and save! (Bundle packages available for multiple athletes )

10 Pack of Sessions
$350.00 (35 each)

6 Pack of Sessions
$240.00 ($40 each)

Single Session

Each Session last 1 hour, scheduled ahead of time based on client need.

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